Ana Egge
Ana Egge
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Bright Shadow

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Release date 2015

1. Dreamer
2. Flat Top Guitar
3. Jenny Run Away
4. Bright Shadow
5. Rock Me (Divine Mother)
6. Wildflowers
7. Fifth of July
8. Maps of the Moon
9. Turning Away
10. The Ballad of Jean Genet

Bad Blood

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Release date 8/23/11
Ammal Records

1. Driving With No Hands
2. Hole In Your Halo
3. Bad Blood
4. Walking With The Wolves
5. Motorcycle
6. Evil
7. Hands And Knees
8. Shadow Fall
9. Chestnut Tree
10. Silver Heels
11. Your Voice Convinces Me
12. There Won’t Be Anymore
Saskatchewan-born, Brooklyn-based folk troubadour Ana Egge isn’t your run-of-the-mill alternative-country singer. Using unique production and rock-based chord progressions, Egge has made a name for herself as a Gillian Welch figure with a rocker attitude, which once prompted Lucinda Williams to call her “the Nina Simone of folk.”Her upcoming 12-song record ‘Bad Blood,’ produced by ‘Treme’ star and country badass Steve Earle, gives new life to the folk genre, especially on the title track: Egge’s soft-spoken lyrics float lucidly beneath a driving bass-heavy beat, tremolo guitars and spastic and distorted slide guitar. -Cameron Matthews

Road to My Love

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Released 2009
1. Storm Comin’
2. Morning
3. Quitting Early
4. Bully Of New York
5. The Sea Around You
6. Carey’s Waltz
7. It’s Been Too Long
8. More Than A Day
9. Farmer’s Daughter
10. New Tattoo
11. The Last One
12. Red Queen
13. Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Rolling Stone
Lucinda Williams once called her “a folk Nina Simone.” But Ana Egge is more country than that. Raised by hippies who grew wheat in North Dakota, the Brooklyn singer–songwriter crafts homespun hymns on her sixth disc to sing with your bare feet on the dashboard. “Bully of New York” recounts a sad late–night conversation between Egge and a park ranger whose hours broke up his marriage (best part: She met him while hitchhiking). Egge’s rootsy pedal–steel pop recalls singers like Shawn Colvin, but her sharply observed tales of the overlooked and underpaid feel utterly of the moment. *** Melissa Maerz

Storm Comin’ 7″ vinyl

iTunes | New Scotland Records | CD Baby
Released 2009
1. Storm Comin’
2. Farmer’s Daughter
Recorded in Halifax, NS
Produced by Joel Plaskett
New Scotland Records

Lazy Days

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Released 2007
1. Sitting In The Midday Sun
2. Johnny’s Garden
3. In The Backseat
4. It’s My Lazy Day
5. Wastin’ Time
6. Summer Wastin’
7. Crazy Lady Blues
8. I Could Spend The Day
9. Much Finer
10. Wastin’ My Time

USA Today
Ana Egge, Lazy Days: * * * American idle- There have been concept albums about sensorily deprived children, the adventures of the singers’ grandmother, and even one about a man composing a concept album, but North Dakota singer Egge might well be the first with a tribute to indolence. However, a lot of care and effort was clearly devoted to these covers of Belle & Sebastian’s Summer Wastin’, The Kinks’ Sitting in the Midday Sun, Ron Sexsmith’s Wastin’ Time and more. Egge draws unsuspected depths from most tracks and pulls off the difficult feat of making a Sandy Denny song her own. -KEN BARNES

Out Past the Lights

iTunes |BandCamp | CD Baby
Released 2004
1. The Last One
2. Wedding Dress
3. All Day And All Night
4. Mile Marker 75
5. 101 Sundays
6. Darling
7. Fairest Of Them All
8. Locks
9. Tinfoil Satelite
10. Just A Room

“I love everything about it. The songs, the playing, the production, everything is great.
Wonderful record! ” -BUDDY MILLER

101 Sundays

Released 2000
1. The Last One
2. Wedding Dress
3. All Day And All Night
4. Mile Marker 75
5. 101 Sundays
6. Darling
7. Fairest Of Them All
8. Locks
9. Tinfoil Satelite
10. Just A Room

out of print
Produced by Martin Terefe (KT Tunstall, Ron Sexsmith, Jason Mraz)
& Klaus Bjorkland
Available for digital download only

Mile Marker

CD Baby | BandCamp
Released 1999
1. Mind Over Matter
2. Mile Marker
3. Waitress
4. Ain’t Life A Book
5. Fierro
6. Lebanon TN
7. Empty Hands
8. Bless Me Mother
9. Dakota
10. Dearly Deported
11. I Am Illegal
12. Edelweiss

“Ana has the rare gift of being so eloquent and simple that she takes your breath away. I just love her.” -SHAWN COLVIN

River Under the Road

Amazon | BandCamp
Released 1997
1. River Under the Road
2. Fairest of Them All
3. Bless Me Mother
4. Empty Hands
5. The Bramble and the Rose
6. Souls Out Sailing
7. Dakota
8. Made of Iron
9. Mind Over Matter
10. Fierro
11. Talco Girl

Austin Chronicle reviews
“River Under The Road”: Ana Egge is a walking divining rod. Some artists are like that-blessed with the necessary internal guages to read situations, people…maybe even the future. Something, that inner water rod, perhaps, or the insistence of bass legend and longtime friend Sarah Brown, brought Egge east from New Mexico to Austin to pusue something already deep within her. The result is River Under The Road, a debut masterpiece worthy of a songwriter decades worldlier than this mere 20-year-old soul.