Ana Egge
Ana Egge
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Bluegrass Situation 3X3 7/6/16×3-ana-egge-spider-man-right-hand-man-and-hottest-seasons

Q:Your house is burning down and you can grab only one thing — what would you save?
A:My guitar, Junior. I built it during my senior year of high school apprenticing with luthier Don Musser.

Q:If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?
A:An artist/carpenter/writer.

Q:If a song started playing every time you entered the room, what would you want it to be?
A:Right now, I’d have to say “Right Hand Man” from Hamilton.

Q:What is the one thing you can’t survive without on tour?
A:My cowboy boots.

Q:If you were a car, what car would you be?
A:A 1963 silver Buick Riviera.

Q:Who is your favorite superhero?
A:Spider-Man. I asked a mermaid on the beach of Lake Superior when I was five for a Spider-Man costume. I got one when I was 20 as a gift. I wore it under my clothes and stripped on stage on tour with Ron Sexsmith in Saskatoon one night in 2000. I ain’t messin’ around.

Q:Vinyl or digital?

Q:Dylan or Townes?

Q:Summer or Winter?