Ana Egge
Ana Egge
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Alt-Country Musician Ana Egge Rocks the Lafayette Brewing Co.

The Exponent

Sun Jan 22, 2012.

By ETHAN MERRICK Staff Reporter

The stage set-up was sparse with only a couple amps and a drum kit, creating the impression that the lone figure on stage was both larger and smaller at the same time. Ana Egge performed at the Lafayette Brewing Co. Saturday night for a crowd of close to 100.

Ana Egge, an alt-country folk-rock musician from Brooklyn, took the stage with a broad grin, looking like a folk-y Liz Phair. While typically a solo artist, Egge was backed by a full band for her tour, which provided a hearty foundation that highlighted Egge’s sultry vocals.

However, Egge was most powerful when she stood alone upon the stage with only her acoustic guitar and her warm, thick vocals like a summer’s golden afternoon to keep her company.

For many of her songs, Egge told a brief story, explaining the origins of the song.

The concert was put on by Friends of Bob, a non-profit organization that focuses on bringing music to the Lafayette area. Richard Fudge, the president of Friends of Bob, enjoyed the bridge that Egge was able to make between the music and the audience.

“I have listened to some of these songs hundreds of times and with just that little explanation from Ana they take on a whole new, deeper meaning,” Fudge said.

While she performed, Egge tenderly strummed her guitar as she emoted secret whispers to the audience before she attacked the strings, announcing to the audience everything she had been holding back.

“I enjoy writing songs that I keep wanting to perform,” Egge said.

This could be seen during her performance as Egge kept her eyes closed as if she needed these vignettes to be in focus, to be visible to effectively emote these songs, these stories.

Karen Page, a resident of Lafayette, enjoyed Egge’s performance.

“She did a little bit of everything: rock ‘n’ roll, folk, country, jazz,” Page said. “She was able to excite the audience and get us to get up and dance. It was great.”