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Something for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

We all arrive here on earth in the same way, from her heart and her body. And then we are cared for and nurtured by the woman who grew us in her dark garden. And today is a day we celebrate this.

My friends and I made this video for my song Rock Me with the intention to share with everyone on Mother’s Day.

This song is included on my soon to be released album Bright Shadow. The video was shot and directed by the very talented Paul Kloss and edited by Amy Foote. Lyrics and music by Ana Egge and Gary Nicholson.

Please share with your mom or any mamas you know today and spread the love!


April album release shows & Kickstarter campaign continues…

Hi Everyone-
As many of you know, I launched my new Kickstarter campaign two weeks ago for my upcoming release “Bright Shadow” and I’ve been so excited about the response! It was added to Staff Picks by Kickstarter after the overwhelming response on the first day. Thank you for everyone who donated and please, if you haven’t already, and you feel moved to, check it out and share with your friends!!

Plus – I have a series of Album Release shows beginning a week from tomorrow in NYC. Check out the April dates below. And if you are in NYC, come for the kick off at Rockwood 3
(The album’s official release date is April 28th!) For these April shows I’ll be touring with David Moss (cello, harmony) and Alex Hargreaves (fiddle, harmony)!! I can’t wait to start playing these new songs especially with these amazing musicians!


Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Ana Egge – CD Release “Bright Shadow” @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3
185 Orchard Street, New York, NY (United States) – Map
Set: 8:30 PM

Thursday, April 23, 2015
Ana Egge acoustic trio @ B side Ballroom
1 Clinton Plaza Drive , Oneonta, NY 13820 (United States) – Map
Set: 8:00 PM
All Ages

Friday, April 24, 2015
Ana Egge acoustic trio @ Cock and Bull
5342 Parkis Mills Rd, Galway, NY 12074 (United States) – Map
Set: 9:00 PM
All Ages

Saturday, April 25, 2015
Ana Egge acoustic trio @ Sandywoods Center for the Arts
43 Muse Way,, Tiverton, RI 02878 (United States) – Map
Set: 7:30 PM
All Ages

New Kickstarter campaign for ‘Bright Shadow’ launches today!

Hello Friends-
Happy April fools day! I’m excited to announce the launch of this kickstarter campaign to help release my new album ‘Bright Shadow’!
Below is the link and the story behind the record.
Thank you for taking the time to check it out!

March shows PA, NY & IL

Hi there everyone-
I hope Spring is beginning to reach you wherever you are. It’s been a whopper of a snow-bound winter in Brooklyn and I’m really looking forward to getting out on the road for these upcoming shows! I hope to see you soon. Peace and music, Ana

3/20 Untangled Strings- State College, PA
3/21 Urban H2O@Home- Yonkers, NY
3/27 The Balladears- Hill Country BBQ, NYC
3/28 Princeton Coffeehouse- Princeton, IL
3/29 Windy City House Concerts- Chicago, IL

Ana Egge & The Moss Bros. Rockwood 1, NYC Mon. DEC 1. 8PM

Fall 2014 shows

Hi Everybody-

I haven’t been playing a whole heck of a lot lately what with having a little baby at home. But now my daughter is almost one and I’m looking forward to picking up the pace a bit. I’ll be doing a few solo shows and another set at the Rockwood Music Hall with The Moss Bros. backing me up on cello, violin and harmonies Dec. 1. Our last show together was simply delicious!

I wish you all the best this season has to offer in color and harvest. Cheers, and I hope to see you soon!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Ana Egge String Band @ B side Ballroom
1 Clinton Plaza Drive , Oneonta, NY (United States) – Map
Set: 8:00 PM
All Ages
Saturday, October 18, 2014
Ana Egge @ Private Event- Farm to table supper club
Williamstown, MA (United States) – Map
Set: 8:00 PM
All Ages
Saturday, November 1, 2014
Ana Egge & Miss Tess & The Talkbacks @ Tin Angel
20 S 2nd St., Philadelphia, PA (United States) – Map
Set: 8:00 PM
All Ages
Monday, December 1, 2014
Ana Egge & The Moss Bros. @ Rockwood Music Hall
196 Allen St., New York, NY 10012 (United States) – Map
Set: 8:00 PM


News from tour in Denmark, SXSW & my new mandolin

Greetings from Sunset Park Brooklyn.

The sun is rising. I’ve been home now for a few days from a great tour in Denmark with my backing band based over there, The Sentimentals. We played in theaters and clubs and for a first grade class who didn’t understand my English.

I did an interview with the US Embassy in Copenhagen about being a traveling songwriter & taught a college workshop for songwriters. I ate liver paste and drank rhubarb seltzer, and I witnessed Spring take hold on a Northern land.

Before Denmark, I was in Austin, TX for SXSW, which seems to grow exponentially every year. I found some amazing music and some great people. Mostly by staying away from the bigger crowds and staying South of the river.

In January I received my new mandolin that was custom built for me by my old friend Bill Bussman of Old Wave instruments in Caballo, NM. It rings like a bell! And the top wood he used for it came from Don Musser, who I built my guitar

with years ago. So now my guitar has a little sister. I couldn’t be happier. It’s been on the road with me ever since. I hope you’re sitting pretty from wherever you read this. Cheers! Ana



SXSW 2014

Stephen F’s Bar, SXSW 701 Congress Ave. Austin, TX Fri. March 14, 1AM

I’m returning to SX after a couple years away to perform songs from my new, upcoming album with The Stray Birds!

Beauty beauty beauty.



Summer tour 2013

Maïa Davies: ‘Takes A Woman Like You’, Vol. 9: Ana Egge

By Maïa Davies on Aug 01, 2013

Maïa Davies of Ladies of the Canyon is back with ‘Takes A Woman Like You,’ a new feature blog at Music Canada that brings a twist to the traditional music interview. This summer, Maïa will pick the brains of smart, strange, and relevant women working as part of the Canadian music industry. In her seventh update, Maïa speaks with Ana Egge:

The first time I heard Ana Egge’s music, she had until that moment been unknown to me. I was on a wintery Ontario tour, checking in to another strange hotel. We laid our bags down and my tour mate pulled up Ana’s video for “Morning” on my laptop. Within 15 seconds, I was in tears, flooded by the raw emotion and stunning beautiful quality of her voice and songs. I later had the honour of playing a few shows opening for her in Toronto and New York City, watching her badass band (featuring fellow Canadian Peter Elkas on guitar) tear through her haunting, powerful songs. Raised in North Dakota and Saskatchewan, now living in Brooklyn, Egge is a somewhat best-kept secret of the music scene. Ron Sexsmith is her biggest fan. So is Steve Earle, and he produced her last record, entitled “Bad Blood”. Do yourself a favor and discover her, if you haven’t already. I am fortunate enough to call her a friend, and an inspiration. Here is a conversation I had with her a few weeks ago.

I’ve heard you like to read a lot. What inspirations or life lessons can you tell us about that you’ve pulled directly from your literary adventures lately?

Lately… let’s see.. I just got my first book on Audible for my last flight home from touring in Alberta. That’s been a new experience to listen to a book, on my phone. It’s the new novel by one of my favorite authors, Louise Erdrich. She mostly centers her stories around people of the Ojibwe nation. Weaving in the spirituality, politics and humor of Native American life in the past and present in such an earth bound yet ever uplifting way. And the land that she inherits and evokes is that of the plains of North Dakota and Minnesota which is where I spent most of my childhood.

You’re on the road quite a bit and have made some great musical friends along the way from what I can gather. What is your favourite thing about being a part of such a nomadic musical community, how has it enriched your life experience?Any specific meetings you can recall that have changed you?

My big dreams as a young picker were to meet my heroes and heroines. It’s such a beautiful and rare thing to be so moved by the work of an artist or musician. And to meet them and collaborate is just mind blowing. Yesterday I got 4 copies of my debut, self titled cassette (1994) in the mail from a store that just went out of business in Texas. I remember sending that tape off to Iris Dement and then getting a call from her to tour together. I gave that tape at least 3 times to Shawn Colvin and then when my first full length CD ‘River Under The Road’ came out in 1997 she called me at work and asked if I wanted to open some shows for her. Crazy town.

What differences, if any, have you observed in the way women and men approach songwriting? Do you believe their perspectives are different, or inherently linked?

No I haven’t really noticed any difference between the sexes. To me there are two very important things that go into songwriting, craft and inspiration. One who is continually in touch with who they are and what moves them and works to explore expressing that is an individual artist. They have a unique voice and open themselves up to that kind of personal inspiration. This takes as much practice and ‘showing up’ as learning the craft of how a song works, architecturally speaking.

What are your favourite moments like onstage, what is happening that gives you those magical moments while performing?

1. Feeling energy pour through me, smiling.
2. Connecting on another level with the band when everything just feels so connected and right.
3. When I hear someone in the audience whoop or holler!!!

What advice would you offer to other artists on searching for success?

First, we all can get to know our personal definition of success. I vacillate between feeling like the luckiest person alive to pouting and wishing that I could just get a break. My hope is to keep reaching more and more people through music. It’s the most fun, healing and positive way to communicate and I’m completely in love with the mysterious pioneering spirit that it set up inside me.